martes, 24 de julio de 2012

NeW!! Nice things For YoU

  •  Hair:> BURLEY<_Babs_Blondes Not Free
  • Skin and Eyes:>Panda Punx < #7 Panda Punx PYWH ( hunt u buy this object look the panel ) (only 1 L$)
  • plug of ear:>-[SAB]<-[SAB]- plugs .i. (only 30 L$)
  •  Nails:>-[SAB]-<-[SAB]- Nails complete :Q_ Not Free
  • Shirt:> NEW!! >NS::<NS:: Army of Love (only 1L$)
  • Skirt:> Mykonos Skirt Xadrez  (only 1L$)
  • Shoes: >SANTO< Warthogs_9_Sneakers  BOXED (FREE)
  • Tatto:>-[SAB]-< star tattoo bitch (only 30 L$)

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