martes, 31 de julio de 2012

OmG!! i have to fix this hahahaha lol

  • Skin and Shape : >FILTHY<  August. - Filthy group gift - F Gift group gift ::The group have a cost (200Lindens)
  • Shirt:>Edge grafica< 22 argyle-knit set (this color purple)  FREE!! ::MarketPlace::
  • Pants:>Ricielli< Ricielli LOVE MOMMY hunt - item#16 (only 15L$)
  • Shoes:> *G Field*< Update Group WelcomeGift (ver3) Subcribe FREE!!

Ula la!!!!

NeW!!!! XplosiOn Clothes

Thanks so much Julietht and Kaliha ;) Amazing clothes ^^
  • shape:>NS::< Shape Loren (Only 5L$)
  • Skin:>Hush>  Skin Emily  - July Group Gift (boxed)
  • left:>Xplosion<  *X*plosion Layover Mesh top (Pink) (no free)
  • Middle:> X*plosion <  *X*plosion Tropical Mesh Outfit (BlackRed +Gore)(no free)
  • Right:> X*plosion <  *X*plosion Tropical Mesh Outfit (Bloom +Silver)(no free)

lunes, 30 de julio de 2012

Relax Total ^^

  • Shirt:>RONSEM< Valentine Tee[boxed] FREE!!
  • Shirt 2 :>RONSEM< GG7 TEE FREE!!
  •  Pants:>ASO<ASO!BeachOP(gray) FREE!!
  • Shoes: >SANTO< Warthogs_9_Sneakers  BOXED (FREE 

ahins ;S raining

domingo, 29 de julio de 2012

NeW!! Dress NS ^^

NEW!! Gift :)!!! Come On Lets GOooo!

Thanks so much for my model Agui and Violet (nice pic Agui kiss!)

NS:: Store invites to know The first store in the world sl
Dress:>NS::< NS:: Sweet Blueberry dress Group gift

sábado, 28 de julio de 2012

Take care man! 0.o

    •  Shirt: ::Zup:: shirt mesh- kisses- only 10L$!
    • Pants: Ricielli- Denim pants/ mustard

    Punk :p

    I love Green! ♥

    jueves, 26 de julio de 2012

    Magic world

    • Hair::>INK< [INK] Hair___NATUM ::White FOR Hair Fair 2012 GIFT ( 1 Linden) (before Post)
    •  Skin: >Mother Goose's<  Minji LB Lucky Letter (before Post)
    • Top:>[LeeZu!]< Punjab Top (mesh, rigged) Groupgift (Suscribe History No. 5) FREE!!
    • Short:>Zenith Fashion< Zenith (ColorMe)Balloon Shorts (looking for the tricycle)FREE!!
    • Shoes:>BeLoTe< [Po-Oh] 4 BeLoTe - *Anirinas* In Love [Mesh] - July Group Gift FREE!! (before Post)

    miércoles, 25 de julio de 2012

    Crazy Urban lol

    • Hair:>Tekeli-li!< - Rigged Mesh Tentacle Hair (boxed) Hair Fair 2012 FREE!!
    • Skin:>Skintimate <  Maria May VIP Group Gift FREE!!
    • Outfit:>Bubblez Design< TRP 07 - Bubblez Design (all accessories, tongue (looking for the tricycle) FREE!!
    •  Shoes: >SANTO< Clasic Converse BOXED FREE!!
    • Tattoo:> A&B < Nerd Tattoo's FREE!!

    Present of group

    • Clothes not mesh:>M&M FEMALE< M&M JULIENNE-AGOSTO2012 FREE!!

    Gifts :D

    New! Its Perfect ;D

    • Hair::>Iren<[Iren] HairFair 2012!Goodie Bag FREE (Before post)
    • Shape:> NS::< Shape Loren (only 5L$)
    • Shirt:>.:DEER:. <  MESH shoulder overcloud [Multi-Version] BOXED (Before post)
    • Pants>.:DEER:.< NEW!! MESH skinny pants [Multi-Version] BOXED not free
    •  Shoes>.:DEER:.<NEW!! galaxy stiletto [Piercings/Tattoo] BOXED not free

    martes, 24 de julio de 2012

    NeW!! Nice things For YoU

    •  Hair:> BURLEY<_Babs_Blondes Not Free
    • Skin and Eyes:>Panda Punx < #7 Panda Punx PYWH ( hunt u buy this object look the panel ) (only 1 L$)
    • plug of ear:>-[SAB]<-[SAB]- plugs .i. (only 30 L$)
    •  Nails:>-[SAB]-<-[SAB]- Nails complete :Q_ Not Free
    • Shirt:> NEW!! >NS::<NS:: Army of Love (only 1L$)
    • Skirt:> Mykonos Skirt Xadrez  (only 1L$)
    • Shoes: >SANTO< Warthogs_9_Sneakers  BOXED (FREE)
    • Tatto:>-[SAB]-< star tattoo bitch (only 30 L$)

    lunes, 23 de julio de 2012

    Casual at home :)

    yay!!!! the park is so CoOl

    • hat:>::TOXIC KITTY::< Angry mouse hat Group Gift FREE!!
    • Hair:>*BC322 Skull&Bones*<*BC322 Rainbow cotton Group Gift FREE!!
    • Skin: >Mother Goose's< .Oyat_LB  Lucky Letter
    • Sweater:> NS::< NS::Unicorn Sweater (only 30L$)
    • Pant:>Blueberry< Blueberry *Mesh* Skinny Capris -Mela- in Pink *Group Gift* FREE!!
    • Shoes: >SANTO< Warthogs_9_Sneakers  BOXED (FREE)   
    • Bag:>.-Lowlifes-.< Lowlife Backpack FREE!!

    domingo, 22 de julio de 2012

    • Hair: [Trio] Dare (200L) Magika
    • Shirt: Jill Mesh Tops*Funky*5 Styles+5 Sizes Each (20L) .:Glamorize:.
    • Pant: Mesh Black Baggy Unisex Special Offert (10L) BND
    • Tattoo: Nerd Tattoo's Free A&B
    • Shoes: Sneakers GIFT (1L) Energie


    have fun on the beach ;D

    •  Hair:>MONS<  Hair - Mare Fatpack Hair Fair 2012  FREE
    •  Skin and shape:>*APS*< New Skin Release "Estelle"NEW!!
    •  Dress:>*BeReckless* <*BeReckless* Mesh Dress with Ruffled Skirt Blue NEW!!
    • sandals, nails and bag:>Candy nails <Candy Nail Summer Bag Rainbow Group Gift (looks behind the water) FREE
    • Pose:>The Muse Poses< The Muse Poses - Eupharie 07 NEW!!

    • mesh feet:>>CoCo<*COCO*_Gift_BareFeet Group Gift FREE

    Amazing Sunday! lets go !!!

    • Hair:> cafe Loops < Cafe Gift Hair Brown  FREE!!
    • Skin:> MyDear Skin< Group Gift Beach Skin&Shape FREE!!
    • Hoodie> *Connors*< HOODIE PINK and GRAY Group Gift FREE!!
    • Pants:>*Connors*<BUCKLE BACK JEANS R/B TWO-TONE Group Gift FREE!!
    • Shoes:>[ JP ]:dsg<  Sneakers / MultiChange / GROUPGIFT FREE!!

    sábado, 21 de julio de 2012

    ^^ free ;P

    • Hair:>:::Damselfly Hair Salon:::< FREE!*~*Damselfly Hair Salon Free Gift(Womens) Felicity Group Gift
    • Skin:>siss boom< FREE!-siss boom- Gift Group Gift
    • Earring:> >ELUZIONFREE! * Subscriber GIFT * Samma Earrings Subscribe 
    • Dress:>The Retreat<(SELDOM BLUE) - TU  TEAL GOWN - FREE! Only with Group Gift

    NeW!! Sweet Girl

    • Hair:>::Exile:: <MIdnight in Paris Not Free
    • Skin:>::Modish:: <Lepota July [gr.Gift] FREE!!
    • Top:>NEW!! :>NS::<NS:: Sweet Life Sweater  (Only 30L$)
    • Skirt:>NS::< NS:: LaS VeGaS SkiRt
    • Shoes:>BeLoTe< [Po-Oh] 4 BeLoTe - *Anirinas* In Love [Mesh] - July Group Gift

    viernes, 20 de julio de 2012

    Nice LoOk

    •  Hair:>""D!va""< 2nd Anniversary gift (maya) Group gift
    • Outfit:>:: Delirium Style ::<Delirium Style - Sensation F Lucky letter
    • Skin:>Hush>  Skin - July Emily Group Gift (boxed)

    My Friends!!!

    Left <<:: Kamille::>>
    Middle <<:: Carolina::>>
    Top coming soon 

    • Cabello:> Alice Project< Hair Fair 2012 Free Gift
    • Skin : >FILTHY< July. - Filthy group gift - F Gift group gift :: (Before post)
    • Top ::Zup:: Shirt Mesh - Photography (Only 10 L$)
    thank you very much friends
    oh!! in this
    poses, We are charly angels
    or Musketeers lol

    i love the beach ;)

    • Hair::>Analog Dog< C.b - ffwd FULL COLOR PACK Hair Fair 2012   FREE
    • SKIN: >JesyLilo<*JeSyLiLO*GroupGiftSkin*Summer (before post)
    • Dress:> GIZZA< GizzA - July Group Gift [Female] FREE

    jueves, 19 de julio de 2012

    Urban Girl


    • Dress:Isa Tunic Tiedye 1(1L)
    •  Shoes: *Anirinas* Group Gift July (Free) BeLoTe

    ummmm! The Lunch is ready ;P

    • Hair:>SugarsmacK Hair Studio< Cate - Mini Fab Pack Hair Fair 2012 FREE
    • Shape:>NS::< Shape S. Lady (only 10 L$)
    • Skin:>Hush>  Skin Emily - July Group Gift (boxed) (post before)
    • Shirt and Skirt:>Violet Mafia<Violet Mafia: 3000 Members Gift from ~Sassy!~ FREE

    Urban Style ^^

    •  Hat:>ARGRACE< GIFT - limited color for Hair fair 2012 FREE
    • Hair::>:esk-imo< :esk-imo: Color DEMO Hair fair 2012 FREE
    • Skin : >FILTHY< July. - Filthy group gift - F Gift group gift ::The group have a cost (200Lindens)
    • Glasses:> NS::< GlaSSeS FucK yOu Not free
    • Outfit:>:: Delirium Style ::<D-Style - Dezi LL Lucky letter

    miércoles, 18 de julio de 2012

    Night cocktail

    • Hair:> ::Exile::< Gif ;) Hair fair 2012 gift FREE
    • Skin:> :::Shiva:::< :::Shiva:::fairy-LB04 Lucky Letter
    • Earring:>Tekeli-li!< dark artistry Treasure Chest - HF2012 Hair Fair 2012  FREE 
    • Dress:>*Liv-Glam*<Primadonna - Ti Raw Silk Gown Red Subcribe FREE
    • Shoes:>Vanity Designs Inc.< VDI:. Charcoal Pointed Sculpted Shoes - Free! -Marketplaces