viernes, 18 de julio de 2014

NS:: APPS ARE OPEN! ^.^ yayy!!

Hello Everybody! *O* Looking For Talent ^.^ 
If you are interested in join to NS:: TeaM , Plz you send the NC to (nani Soulstar)
The notecard should to have your name SL, Name of your blog , Your link of Flickr, and your feeds.
Remeber you Before applying please the requirements to be accepted.
Flickr Active, Min 3 month with your blog (the experience its very important)
Then NC will be reviewed over the next few weeks and you will be notified if you have been accepted
Thank you for your interest

Lets Go to the beach!! ^ . ^

➩ Top and bottom Mesh with Comes With 5 different sizes for a perfect fit (XS,S,M,L,XL)
➩ Bikini mesh come with HUD for 6 nices Desing ^.^
☛ Include ALpha Layer :)


miércoles, 9 de julio de 2014

New Outfit! *O* Lets go to the school!

This is my new item , i hope u like it ♥
NS:: A little Nerd Outfit (only 150L$)
➩ Mesh dress design Comes With 5 different sizes for a perfect fit (X2S,XS,S,M,L)
➩ Mesh Glasses
➩ Tongue with maker
➩ black stockings (with applier Slink)
➩ Mesh bag
➩ Shocks Button (ONLY with Slink Avatar
Enhancement High Foot)
☛ Include ALpha Layer :)
you can to find inworld store or Marketplace

sábado, 5 de julio de 2014

Happy 4th Of July :D

NS want to wish you a Happy 4th of July *O*
i hope you have a nice celebration day !
if you like the hat its free! *.* lets go to NS::

miércoles, 2 de julio de 2014

New!!! Super Chic Style Ulalaaa!! :D

New !! Dress mesh with HUD

· NS:: Geek Chic Dress <HUD>

• come with 5 different sizes for a perfect fit (X double S,XS,S,M,L)

• with HUD for 5 nices Desing ^.^ (print animal)

i hope that you like it ♥

you can to find inworld store or marketplace

I love the cute items :O

███ ▌ Manga Fair 2014 ▌███
** starts  **
The theme of this fair will be cute, kawaii, manga, tokyo
Now you can to gO! yay!!!

sábado, 28 de junio de 2014

Omg! i love the Style Boho *O*

Omg!! Start !!
The Summer Of Love Fair
June, 27th 2014 - July, 11th 2014
you can to find Hot Fashion for women and men for the summer
and Clothes from the hippie era
NS::  Mesh Boho Top

lunes, 23 de junio de 2014

New Shoes for the summer ! :D yay

New Item!!!
NS:: Classic Flat Ankle Boot (mesh)
☛ Mesh Slink Flat Anckle Boot with 5 nice colors (Brown, Black, White, Camel and red)
☛ Remeber ONLY with Slink Avatar Enhancement Flat Foot ^.^
you can to find inworl store or